Alistair Sinclair

King's College history professor who is stateside to present his lecture, Beowulf: King or Con?


At 6 feet tall and 13 stone, nattily attired in his Savile Row suiting, Professor Sinclair still maintains the dashing and regal bearing that he had when he took the field in France as an officer in His Majesty’s army in the harrowing autumn of 1914.


Although the army is in his past, Alistair Sinclair approaches his new career, professor at London’s King’s College, with the same steely discipline and courage of conviction that got him through the Frontier, Charleroi, Marne, the second Ypres and, finally, the Battle of Loos.

Member of Boodles in London.

Currently, Professor Sinclair is stateside for a summer of lectures at several East Coast universities. On June 5, 1926, He is unwittingly pulled in to a world he never knew existed when he witnesses strange events at the Blue Heaven Ballroom. Along with Ray Brannigan, Jonas Markham, Ivy Morgan and Connor O’Shea, Alistair has confronted eldritch horrors, and recently had a glimpse into a haunting cyclopean world of non-Euclidean angles.

In the early hours of June 14, 1926, Professor Sinclair ran afoul The Cult of the Green Flame and their deranged, other-worldly leader, Father Washington. In the ensuing melee, Alistair was aged nearly 25 years when he was targeted by the demented cult leader’s horrific spell.

Lasitir Clarisian

Lasitir Clarisian

While visiting the the Dreamlands, Alistair Sinclair appears as his alter-ego, Lasitir Clarisian.

Called to the aid of the city of Baharna by Captain Hanna, Lasitir, along with Ivy Morgan’s alter-ego, Myra Vingo, Jonas Markham’s alter-ego, Marash Monjak, and Connor O’Shea’s alter-ego, Roosh N’Anceo, agree to deliver the Isle of Oriab from the evil clutches of the Harlot and Hag.

Unfortunately, Lasitir is dispatched by The Hag, and does not return to the land of dreams to complete the quest.


Recent events have had a profound affect on the professor, and he has decided to disassociate himself from the other investigators. At the end of his lecture tour, he plans to return to London and possibly embark on a career in writing.

In his own words…

“Esse quam viredi,” right ho! I haven’t had this much fun since the fall of 1914, what?

Sorry about that chap’s head, but we can’t have some crazed trumpeter rousing the dead all night long. “Radix malorum est cupiditas,” as I always say.

Well, I’ll be at Columbia University next week presenting my riveting and much-admired lecture, Beowulf: King or Con? But, until then, I’ll be cleaning my Wembly. Can’t be too careful in the States, what?

Alistair Sinclair

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