Archie "The Boss" Bonato

Reputed crime boss


Middle-aged, overweight, and dressed to the nines, the highly charismatic Archie Bonato rose from fearless street soldier to boss of Harlem’s largest organized crime syndicate.


Archie “Boss” Bonato is the primary supplier of illegal bootlegged liquor in Harlem, and is the “silent” owner of the Blue Heaven Ballroom.

The crime lord becomes embroiled in a series of strange events when his henchmen, Joey Larson, convinces him that a down-on-his-luck jazz musician, Leroy Turner, possesses a trumpet that can raise the dead.

Alistair Sinclair, Connor O’Shea, Ivy Morgan, and Jonas Markham break up a demonstration of the trumpet’s power at Bonato’s East Harlem warehouse on June 6th. Before the investigators and mobsters can exchange gunfire, Roger Daniels and his g-men break up the party, and place Bonato and his thugs under arrest.

Archie "The Boss" Bonato

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