Captain Holt

The wild-eyed, eccentric owner of Captain Holt's Might & Magic


This slightly crazed-looking man appears to be in his late 60s. He has long, unkempt white hair and a dirty white beard, and is dressed in a musty, moth-riddled captain’s outfit.


The owner and proprietor of Captain Holt’s Might & Magic in Baharna, Captain Holt stands upon the replica of a ship’s deck, his eyes spinning wildly around to take in everything that is going on in his shop.

He is exceedingly creepy, and claims to have the captured souls of his once mutinous crew on display in exotic glass bottles on the shelves behind him.

For all of his eccentricities, his shop is stocked with some of the finest weapons, armor, magic items, and supplies in the realm.

Captain Holt

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