Connor O'Shea

NYPD vice detective selected by the Committee of Fourteen to spearhead an undercover operation in Harlem.


A big man with a big gun, Connor O’Shea stands over six feet tall and weighs approximately 215 pounds. He wears an open-collar shirt, and keeps a flask of Irish whiskey in his shoulder holster.

He currently resides in a one-bedroom apartment in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn.


Connor O’Shea emigrated with his family from Ireland when he was ten years old. They settled in Hoboken, New Jersey. Connor was prone to fights and petty vandalism, but was never in serious trouble (although he proved to be a very bad influence on his younger brother, Michael, who idolized him). By the time they were in their teens, the neighborhood knew not to cross the O’Shea brothers.

Poor grades and poor bank accounts ensured that there would be no higher education for Connor, so after graduation from high school and a brief stint on the docks with his father, he decided to join the police academy. Connor excelled in marksmanship, and his use of physical violence as a means to an end caught the attention of his instructors. Upon graduation from the academy, Connor cut his teeth as a beat cop, and established an impressive arrest record. After a short stint as third-shift watch commander, Connor aced his lieutenant’s exam and was assigned to Vice Division.

Although his impressive arrest record continued as a vice detective, his methods (rumors of bribes and hush money followed O’Shea constantly, although no proof could ever be established) and personal vices (booze, broads, and bookies) were challenged by several civic-minded superiors, and he often found himself under investigation by Internal Affairs. Connor’s casual drinking quickly graduated to functional alcoholism, and his penchant for prostitutes and gambling threatened to undermine his career.

Despite, and perhaps because of, his reputation, Detective O’Shea was chosen by the Committee of Fourteen to spearhead a five-month undercover investigation into Harlem nightlife. The goal of the investigation was not only to discover the source of the flow of illegal alcohol, but to improve the ability of the NYPD to gather information in Black Harlem. His handler is Treasury Agent Roger Daniels, a squeaky-clean lawman with a love of the spotlight and political aspirations.

O’Shea sees the irony in working for the Committee. It is every Irishman’s God-given right to enjoy a drink, and those teetotalers are responsible for maintaining Prohibition’s strangle-hold on America. However, he takes the assignment seriously, despite the fact that he hates what the Committee stands for, and despises Roger Daniels’ hackneyed attempts at getting his picture on the front page.

Detective O’Shea is present at Blue Heaven Ballroom on June 5, 1926, as part of his investigation of Harlem speakeasies, when Pete Manusco is murdered in cold blood.

Roosh N’Anceo

Roosh N'Anceo

While visiting the the Dreamlands, Connor O’Shea appears as his alter-ego, Roosh N’Anceo.

Called to the aid of the city of Baharna by Captain Hanna, Roosh, along with Ivy Morgan’s alter-ego, Myra Vingo, Jonas Markham’s alter-ego, Marash Monjak, and Alistair Sinclair’s alter-ego, Lasitir Clarisian, agree to deliver the Isle of Oriab from the evil clutches of the Harlot and Hag.

Unfortunately, Roosh is dispatched by The Harlot, and does not return to the land of dreams to complete the quest.

Whereabouts Unknown

After assisting Alistair Sinclair, Ivy Morgan, Jonas Markham, and Ray Brannigan defeat The Cult of the Green Flame in Red Hook, Connor O’Shea disappeared (presumably into the bottom of a cheap bottle of whiskey). His current whereabouts are unknown.

Connor O'Shea

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