Father Dario Alighiero

A priest at St. Francis Catholic Church, in Kingsport, Massachusetts


A short, prematurely balding, kind-hearted man of the cloth in his late thirties, Father Dario Alighiero is friendly and outgoing, but uncompromising. He takes his priestly vows serious and holds them sacred.

He speaks in a thick, Italian accent.


Father Alighiero is the priest of St. Francis Church, and Sister Evangeline’s confessor.

For years, Father Alighiero has performed the traditional spring blessing of the fishing fleet, but in the last few years, he has been challenged by the pastor of the Portuguese church. The humble priest has said very little about it and continues to perform his own annual blessing. A few of the older Italians resent the fact that their young priest has allowed the upstart Poor-to-ge-zee to usurp the privilege of the blessing.

The priest is horribly burnt while saving a number of parishioners from a fire at St. Francis Church on Friday June 18, 1926, and is rushed to Congressional Hospital. He tells Ivy Morgan, Jonas Markham, and Ray Brannigan that he believes his burns were caused by a demon, and that God is punishing him for his sins.

Miraculously, Father Alighiero makes a full recovery after several months of treatment in Boston, and returns to Kingsport in October.

Father Dario Alighiero

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