Jerry Wells

Head Foreman, Hamilton Construction Company


Heavy set, middle-aged, and mild-mannered.


Jerry Wells is a foreman for the Hamilton Construction Company. His office is located at 1182 Steadmont Street. Mr. Wells is in charge of the Red Hook restoration project, and is a very busy man. He has little time for investigators, but will answer a few quick questions.

Ray Brannigan and Ivy Morgan meet with Jerry Wells on Saturday, June 12th. Wells offers the following information:

The Red Hook renovation project: He’s in charge of repairing nine city streets – Allano Bolevard., Beyington Street., Carepenter Street., Clinton St., Farnham Street., Haight Street., Manders Street., Steadmont Street., and Wallhearst Street. Right now, the crew of inspectors, headed by the late Horace Baker, is inspecting buildings in the area.

Horace Baker: He was contacted by the police this morning and told that Baker was dead. He notified the staff, and sent them home for the day.

David Clark: Wells restates what was outlined in the newspaper article about Clark’s murder.

Andre Vollinchanski: Wells states that Vollinchanski did not show up for work today. With some gentle prodding, Wells tells the investigators that Vollinchanski lives at Gregorvich Manor in the Gashouse District.

When investigators return to warn Wells of his imminent danger later in the day, his office has been ransacked and he is nowhere to be found.

In the early hours of June 14, 1926, He is rescued from the Tullio Warehouse (and imminent sacrifice to the Outer-God, Tulzscha) by Thomas Malone and Sergeant Donowitz.

Jerry Wells

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