Jonas Markham

Driven by a desire to learn the origins of a strange idol found on his Maine potato farm, Jonas Markham arrives in New York City looking for answers...


Tall and lean, the rustic appearance and southern drawl of Jonas Markham make him an immediate eye-sore in Manhattan, where he is mistakenly taken for a rube.


Born to poor sharecroppers in Hammar’s Crossing, Georgia, Jonas Markham grew up in a racist and religious household. He met his wife, Elizabeth Babcock, when he was sixteen, and moved to her native Maine after the death of his parents the following year. They were married shortly thereafter, and inherited the Babcock farm when Elizabeth’s parents died in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1917.

It was on the Babcock farm that Jonas uncovered a strange idol that would ultimately lead him to New York City on a quest to find its origin.

Leery of big cities and their multi-ethnic populations, Jonas finds himself tentatively entering a Harlem speakeasy to catch a would-be-thief.

Marash Monjak

Marash Monjak

While visiting the the Dreamlands, Jonas Markham appears as his alter-ego, Marash Monjak.

Called to the aid of the city of Baharna by Captain Hanna, Marash, along with Ivy Morgan’s alter-ego, Myra Vingo, deliver the Isle of Oriab from the evil clutches of the Harlot and Hag.

Forever in Marash and Myra’s debt, the Baharna High Congress reward the heroes with an opulent estate overlooking the bay, and a line of credit at Captain Holt’s Might & Magic.


Jonas came to New York City with questions. Between June 5, 1926 and July 9, 1926, those questions were answered in shocking depth and mind-numbing detail. Satisfied that he has learned the truth, and longing to see his wife and children, Jonas returns to the family farm in, Byron, Maine.

Jonas Markham

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