Liam MacGuffin

A long-time Red Hook resident


Short and stout, Liam is an energetic and fiery seventy year-old Scotsman. Unlike other Red Hook inhabitants, he is friendly, welcoming, and forthcoming.


A resident of the Red Hook district for the last fifty years, Liam MacGuffin lives in an old brick house that stands alone with two vacant lots on either side.

Liam is outgoing, and does not pass up the opportunity to entertain guests. When asked by the investigators about the Red Hook Disaster, Liam recounts what he knows. He also adds, “There’s some talk now of strange happenings starting to stir again in Red Hook. Some say there’s a group of people living on the streets that’s gone kill crazy. Some say, and I have a mind to believe them, that these people worship the devil. Most agree that the killing of the construction fella the other night was done by them.”

“I’ve seen the one that leads them. They call him Father Washington – he used to be in charge of the old church on Farnham Street some years ago. I’m a Catholic, but there’s no way in hell that you would get me to go to his church. Nowadays, old Washington wears this mask all of the time on account of him getting caught in the disaster. He’s always seen now with the bums and the riff-raff on the streets. I hear he sometimes returns to the abandoned church on Farnham – probably just so he can defile it more!”

“If I were you, I wouldn’t go messing around with Father Washington, or you’re likely to end up like that poor construction fella.”

Liam MacGuffin

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