Mikhail Gregorvich

A Gashouse District Landlord


Mikhail is a small, rotund man with three days’ growth of beard and the smell of cheap cigars and old sweat clinging to him.


The owner of Gregorvich Manor, a rundown and dirty three-story apartment complex in the Gashouse District, Mikhail Gregorvich scratches himself in public, constantly belches and breaks wind, and leers lewdly at any female present.

The investigators come to Gregorvich Manor in search of Andre Vollinchanski, who did not show up for work at the Hamilton Construction Company. Gregorvich has information about Andre Vollinchanski, but he doesn’t give it away for free. After Ivy Morgan bribes him $20.00, Mikhail gives the investigators Vollinchanski’s apartment number, and provides the following information:

“Some dirty bums came in last night asking for Andre. I was just about to throw them out for stinking up the place, when they convinced me that they were good friends of the Vollinchanski family. So I told them the same thing I tell you – apartment 3E. Hell, I don’t know if it was worth my trouble – took me some time to scrub all the filth off of the money they slipped me. Dirty bums.”

Mikhail Gregorvich

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