Roger Daniels

United States Treasury Agent


Aloof and uncompromising, with a haircut as clean and tight as his reputation, Treasury Agent Roger Daniels is a badge-kissing headline seeker to the nth degree.


Roger Daniels and his g-men are working with the Committee of Fourteen to crack down on the illegal distribution of alcohol in New York City.

Detective Connor O’Shea is Daniels’ inside man at the Blue Heaven Ballroom, until Pete Manusco is murdered at Connor’s table. After the debacle at Blue Heaven, Daniels has a tail placed on O’Shea.

Daniels breaks in on the investigators as they confront Joey Larson, Jimmy Foster, and Archie Bonato at Bonato’s East Harlem warehouse, and takes credit for the high-profile arrest.

Over the next few days, Daniels’ photo is plastered on the front page of every newspaper in New York City. He also places O’Shea on administrative leave and gives him a $250.00 pay-off.

Recently, Daniels has been called to the Gashouse District to investigate a fire at a factory that police officials believe to be a bootlegging operation.

Roger Daniels

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