Thomas Parkhill

A deformed drifter, currently accused of murdering six people on the outskirts of Arkham


Of average height and weight, dark haired and mustachioed, Thomas Parkhill wears a prosthetic tin-mask which covers the gruesome facial injuries he suffered in the Great War.


From an early age, Thomas Parkhill enjoyed assembling, tinkering, and repairing things. His interests led him from his home town of Barre, Massachusetts to the Army Corps of Engineers, where his natural mechanical aptitude, fierce bravery, and calmness under fire helped him attain the rank of Master Sergeant and several commendations, including the Bronze Star.

Near the end of the war, Thomas was involved in an ordinance accident that left the right side of his face disfigured and without an eye. He came home to Barre and found he was an outcast – his fiancée, Ruth, broke off their engagement; old friends shunned him; children shrieked in fright when they saw him.

With nothing tying him to his hometown, Thomas left Barre and moved on; supplementing his meager army pension by performing odd jobs throughout Massachusetts. While he has adopted a gruff and taciturn demeanor, the recent addition of a prosthetic tin-mask has left Thomas hopeful that, in time, he may be able to return to some sense of normalcy.


On the morning of September 29, 1926, Thomas Parkhill was the sole-survivor of an encounter with alien entities on an abandoned farm in rural Massachusetts. Ivy Morgan and Cuthbert Sorensen were killed in the attack, along with local farmers, Benjamin and Luther Monroe. Parkhill attempted to conceal evidence by setting fire to the barn, only to have local authorities charge him with multiple counts of first-degree murder.

He is currently awaiting trial in Arkham Asylum. The local press has given him the gruesome moniker, Tin-Mask Tommy.

Thomas Parkhill

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