DuPont Diary

The diary of Henry DuPont


Approximately ninety pages in length, it is not what one would call a conventional diary; rather it discusses the DuPont family lineage and history. There are, however, specific entries pertaining to various dates and events.


The diary is given to Ivy Morgan, Jonas Markham, and Ray Brannigan by Henry DuPont when they arrive at his family estate in Steeplin County.

DuPont Family History

  • 1750. Fredric DuPont is born to Martha and Alfred DuPont in the colony of New York.
  • 1780. At age 30, Fredric travels to the Middle East and opens a successful trading business. About this time his parents die and he is left the family fortune.
  • 1790. Fredric becomes involved in the establishment of a gentleman’s club, primarily to assist in his trading. This club however has a much more sinister heart.
  • 1800. Fredric begins preparations to return to America as tension amongst the club’s more powerful members builds.
  • 1801. The cult is disbanded and Fredric leaves for Washington D.C. with the leader of the cult.
  • 1802. DuPont arrives home in America without the cult leader is dead (although the Stone of Xnalku, the cult’s most powerful artifact is now in his possession).
  • 1809. Fredric has spends 7 years traveling with the Stone of Xnalku as his guide, finally settling in the Steeplin Valley.
  • 1810. Construction begins on the DuPont mill.
  • 1811. The Church of Xnaaki is established.
  • 1812. The Church is closed to keep the Mill workers happy.
  • 1815. DuPont marries and turns over a new leaf, abandoning his pursuit of Xnaaki. The statue is made to hide the Stone of Xnalku.
  • 1821. Fredric has his first and only child, Robert.
  • 1826. Fredric DuPont dies in hunting accident.
  • 1842. Robert comes of age and takes ownership of the DuPont Mill.
  • 1844. Robert marries.
  • 1847. The statue and a few other items of jewelry are stolen from the DuPont estate and a fire is used to cover the theft. The thieves sell the stolen items on foreign black markets.
  • 1855. Mathew DuPont is born.
  • 1885. Mathew marries and takes ownership of the Mill. The same year Robert dies.
  • 1898. Henry DuPont is born.
  • 1910. The manuscript pages are discovered by a Steeplin town deputy. With the script he reforms the cult which slowly grows in numbers and influence.
  • 1922. Mathew is killed by the cult when he refuses to join.
  • 1923. Henry takes ownership of the DuPont Mill and quickly learns the truth behind his father’s death.
  • 1924. Henry begins researching a way to stop the cult and destroy Xnaaki. He also begins to plan the relocation of the Mill and the local population away from the lake.
  • 1925. The Stone of Xnalku is located and Henry arranges for its sale in Arkham. Closing the mill is proving more difficult than initially planned.
  • 1926. The cult begins to fight the move, as does the Mill’s board, although for very different reasons. The stone arrives in Arkham ahead of schedule.

June 20, 1926

Booth and I have arrived in Arkham under the cover of darkness. I procured a local residence when I learned about the auction, and with luck will find a number of trust-worthy souls to acquire the statue.

If my information is accurate, $3,000 should be enough to ensure that my agents will have the winning bid.

What happens after that is a matter for fate to decide.

DuPont Diary

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