Xnaaki Manuscript

A handwritten, centuries-old manuscript


The seven pages making up the manuscript are in physically poor condition. Written in a combination of English and Arabic, the handwriting is in a particularly erratic style, using a dark red and suspiciously blood-like ink. The pages are stiff and inflexible as if made of some sort of treated fabric or hide.


The Xnaaki Manuscript is given to Ivy Morgan, Jonas Markham, and Ray Brannigan by Henry DuPont when they arrive at his family estate in Steeplin County.

The manuscript in the possession of Ivy Morgan is a translation. The original has been donated to the Orne Library.

Origins of the Manuscript pages

The pages are from the Book of Al Arkmar’b, which is about 500 years old. Essentially this text is a poor translation of several rituals and spells written by an even older Arabic madman. The full book is supposed to cover a variety of Mythos subjects, although the pages on hand specifically refer to Xnaaki, its Servants and several related rituals.

Rituals in the Manuscript pages

There are four rituals scattered amongst the pages of the manuscript, each of which must be translated and studied. Each spell or ritual takes approximately a day to translate, read and absorb.

Ritual 1 – Call of Xnaaki

Magic Point Cost: 0
Required Casting Time: 3 minutes

The Call of Xnaaki is a simple chant, which, when cast under a full or new moon at midnight on the shores of Xnaaki’s prison, calls forth the Great One from its slumber. Xnaaki will surface in approximately 5 minutes.

Ritual 2 – Restrain Xnaaki Servant

Magic Point Cost: 2 Magic Points
Requires Casting Time: 1 Combat Round
Spell Duration: 1 hour

This spell restrains all Servants of Xnaaki from coming with 5 feet of the caster, although it has no effect on Xnaaki or his mortal worshipers.

Ritual 3 – Veil of Azif

Magic Point Cost: 1d6+1
Requires Casting Time: 2 -3 mins
Spell Duration: 3d6 mins

When invoked the casters vision is masked, as if they are in a heavy thick fog (all attacks and actions should take this into account). The most important function of this spell is to allow the caster the option of expending Magic Points instead San for sanity loss.

*Sanity cost is only for the first casting, additional castings only cost 1 Sanity Point.

Ritual 4 – Bane of Xnalku

Magic Point Cost: 1
Requires Casting Time: 1 Combat Round

This spell allows the caster to destroy the Stone of Xnalku by making a POW Resistance Roll versus the POW of Xnaaki. Multiple casters can combine POW scores to make a single resistance check against Xnaaki. Failure enrages Xnaaki further. Success results in the stone being destroyed and Xnaaki being banished back to prison.

Xnaaki Manuscript

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