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  • Rudolph Pearson

    A professor of Medieval Literature at [[Columbia University | Columbia University]], Rudolph Pearson is academically acquainted with [[:alistairsinclair | Alistair Sinclair]], and was instrumental in bringing the professor …

  • Henry Armitage

    The Director of the [[Orne Library | Orne Library]] at [[Miskatonic University | Miskatonic University]], Dr. Henry Armitage has access to the entire University Library, including ancient and restricted [[Unaussprechlichen …

  • Mars Bickle

    On sabbatical from his teaching job at [[Miskatonic University | Miskatonic University]], Dr. Mars Bickle is a parapsychologist who lives in Arkham, Massachusets, and has provided [[Ivy Morgan Obituary | Ivy Morgan]] and [[: …

  • Aaron Hart

    Aaron is hard of hearing, arthritic, and moves slowly due to a hip broken two years ago. He's also forgetful, frequently shows signs of senility, and spends more time wandering about than attending to Society business.

  • Lewis Morgan

    On October 5, 1926, Lewis Morgan enlists the aid of private eye, [[:frederick-ainsworth | Frederick Ainsworth]], to investigate the events surrounding the death of his granddaughter, [[Ivy Morgan Obituary | Ivy Morgan]].

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