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  • Wayne Colburne Obituary

    h2. Sheriff Wayne Coleburne !(media-item-align-right){height:200px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/96263/Wayne_Coleburne.jpg(Wayne coleburne)! h2. Steeplin County Sheriff and High Priest of the Cult of Xnaaki h3. Description

    Connor O'Shea

    Connor O’Shea emigrated with his family from Ireland when he was ten years old. They settled in Hoboken, New Jersey. Connor was prone to fights and petty vandalism, but was never in serious trouble (although he proved to …

  • Roger Daniels

    Roger Daniels and his g-men are working with the "Committee of Fourteen":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Committee_of_Fourteen to crack down on the illegal distribution of alcohol in New York City.

    Truth Justice

    Truth has no family or friends, but he does have "crabs":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crab_louse and "the clap":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_clap. He ostensibly resides at [[The Slaughtered Lamb | The Slaughtered Lamb]], …

  • Ray Honore

    Ray can often be found sitting in the corner of [[The Slaughtered Lamb | The Slaughtered Lamb]], nursing a beer. He seems a bit emotionally fragile, and often recoils at the mention of the mythos.

  • Thomas Malone

    Malone is a former police detective who received notoriety for being the sole survivor of the [[Red Hook Disaster | Red Hook Disaster]] 1923.

    He suffered a nervous breakdown after the …

  • Officer Stephen Lord

    Officer Lord makes a habit of playful flirting with the lady-folk around town, and he's probably the most eligible bachelor in Kingsport. He's not really the playboy type, though. He is a good, tough cop.

  • Officer Otis White

    A 39-year-old dullard, Officer White is uneducated, dim, and decidedly the worst cop on the [[Kingsport | Kingsport]] police force. Perpetually half-asleep, he pays little attention to his surroundings when he walks the …

  • Tristram "Tris" Crane

    Chief Crane is married with three kids, and lives in a middle-class house in the Hollow. He tends towards leniency when dealing with such first-time offenders as drunk and disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace. He …

  • Frederick Ainsworth

    Frederick Ainsworth was born & raised in [[1920s New York City | New York City]]. A once promising career as a beat cop came crashing down after both of his parents died in the influenza pandemic of 1918. Manic depression …

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