Blue Heaven Ballroom

Blue heaven ballroom

The Blue Heaven Ballroom is a Harlem night club that illegally serves liquor. Patrons are breaking the law just by being there, but the high-class joint is protected. Police and criminals alike come down on disturbances in the Blue Heaven. Inside the unmarked blue door, two very large white men in tuxedos eye the passing customers; poor people, the casually dressed (men should wear tuxedos, and women evening dresses, or expect to be hidden behind the palm trees next to the kitchen), or non-whites who somehow slipped past the doormen get caught and ejected here. Plenty of bribes go to keep the Blue Heaven open, so food and drink are expensive. The first show starts about 8 o’clock. The place is open every night till dawn.

The Blue Heaven is a famous hangout. New York money-men and stage stars, Hollywood movie stars, honest politicians and those on the take, Chicago businessmen and mobsters, Detroit auto moguls, shipping magnates and railroad scions from San Francisco, oil men from Texas and Oklahoma. The rich and the cunning, the butter-and-egg men from around the world stop here when in town.


Blue Heaven Ballroom

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