Campaign-Inspired Art

Since its inception, the Cthulhu Supremus Est campaign site has striven to immerse the reader into a world inspired by the Roaring 20s. From time to time, I’ve created campaign-inspired art to add depth to people, places, or things. Enjoy!

Original Cthulhu Supremus Est Introduction Video:

Ray Brannigan’s Barber License:

Barber license

Ivy Morgan’s Business Card:

Church of cana deco

A letter from NYPD Internal Affairs concerning detective Connor O’Shea:

Internal Affairs Letter

A photo of the strange idol found on Jonas Markham’s Maine potato farm:

Photo of Unknown Statue

Arkham Advertiser, September 30, 1926:


The New York Times, October 1, 1926:


Kingsport Chronicle, October 4, 1926:


The October, 1926 issue of Startling Tales Magazine:



Campaign-Inspired Art

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