Father Washington

Father Washington

Father Washington

The leader of the Cult of the Green Flame


Father Washington walks about in dingy clothing, wearing a mask that hides his facial features.

Underneath the robes and mask, Father Washington is made up of thousands of writhing worms, maggots, and grubs. He has no discernible nose, eyes, ears or mouth, but is able to speak in an otherworldly, unnatural voice.


Locals claim that Father Washington was a former Roman Catholic priest who lost his faith living in the Red Hook neighborhood. He reached out to the standoffish local populace by allowing his church to be used as a dance hall, and later, it is rumored, for unholy, pagan rituals.

Supposedly an unknown survivor of the Red Hook Disaster of 1923, Father Washington found solace in the worship of the Outer God, Tulzscha, and serves as the leader of the Cult of the Green Flame.

Father Washington is killed on July 14, 1926, when the temple of Tulzscha (located in the basement of the Tullio Warehouse) collapses during a sacrificial rite.


Father Washington

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