Hell's Kitchen

Hell s kitchen

Tenement houses and factories nestle together in the 1920’s neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. The Kitchen has a long and shameful history of vice and lawlessness. Railways and the nearby western harbors brought workers to the city in search of employment, transforming the area into the industrial-residential blend that remained throughout the first part of the twentieth century. Shantytowns sprouted around the factories, in time being replaced by tenement houses. The combination of poor pay and appalling housing inevitably led to gangs and street crimes.

In the 1920’s, the gangs who once vied for power and dominated the streets have mostly vanished. Factories and warehouses still skirt the edges of the district, encircling the tenement houses. Life in the Kitchen is tough and gritty. There is little time or money for luxuries. Any extravagant investigators visiting the neighborhood can expect distrust and ridicule from many of the working-class denizens.


Hell's Kitchen

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