Ivy Morgan Obituary

Ivy Morgan

Charismatic cult leader by day, mythos-chasing flapper by night…


Charming, sophisticated, and elegantly dressed in the top fashions of the day, Ivy was a tall drink of water that turned more than a few heads when she walked in to a room.


Ivy Morgan was a flapper who was smart and cool enough to be the leader of a cult of personality, which she used to make money and have a good time. From her church, located in Sugar Hill, Ivy gathered a following of New York City’s elite, preaching a decadent lifestyle without boundaries or regrets.

A frequenter of Harlem’s upscale clubs and speakeasies, Ivy was drawn into a world of unnameable horrors when Pete Manusco was gunned down at her table at the Blue Heaven Ballroom.

Over the next few months, Ivy, along with fellow-investigators Alistair Sinclair, Connor O’Shea, Jonas Markham, Ray Brannigan, Thomas Parkhill, and Cuthbert Sorensen, helped protect an ignorant world from unspeakable horrors it could not fathom.

On the morning of September 29, 1926, Ms. Morgan sacrificed her life at an abandoned farm in rural Massachusetts, to ensure that the human race would endure.

Myra Vingo

Myra Vingo

While visiting the the Dreamlands, Ivy Morgan appeared as her alter-ego, Myra Vingo.

Called to the aid of the city of Baharna by Captain Hanna, Myra, along with Jonas Markham’s alter-ego, Marash Monjak, delivered the Isle of Oriab from the evil clutches of the Harlot and Hag.

Forever in Myra and Marash’s debt, the Baharna High Congress rewarded the heroes with an opulent estate overlooking the bay, and a line of credit at Captain Holt’s Might & Magic.


Ivy Morgan Obituary

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