Julian St Jerome

Julian St. Jerome
Julian st jerome

A beat reporter for the Kingsport Chronicle


Thin, wiry and bespeckled, Julian St. Jerome is an affable, intelligent young man who possesses a somewhat wild imagination.


Julian St. Jerome is the consummate investigative journalist. Unfortunately, in a town like Kingsport, his wild imagination and ability to sensationalize even the most mundane news item, have made him unpopular with his editor, Stanley Carter.

Carter fires St. Jerome for tricking the print room into running a sensationalist headline in the Sunday Chronicle. Undaunted, Julian enlists the aid of Ivy Morgan Obituary, Jonas Markham, and Rayford Brannigan Jr. to find the source of strange events in the Central Hill neighborhood, only to get himself bludgeoned to death by crazed dreamer, Allen Nash.

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Julian St Jerome

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