Kingsport Historical Society Museum

210 Carter Street

Kingsport’s privately funded Historical Society and Museum is housed in a two-story Georgian manse, open to the public from noon to 5:00 pm daily. Admission is free. The museum takes up all of the ground floor and part of the second level. The rest of the second floor is given over to the Society’s library, while the partially finished attic contains the Society records and the living quarters of the museum’s curator, Aaron Hart.

The museum displays countless paintings and sketches of famous past personages, ships, and shipyards, while ship models, windlasses, compasses, carved wooden figureheads, sailors’ effects, and other maritime memorabilia are housed in cases. Maps depict the major trade routes used by Kingsport ships.

Associate memberships in the Historical Society costs $15 a year and entitles a member to full use of the society’s museum and library. The curator has lately become a stickler for checking visitors’ membership cards.


Kingsport Historical Society Museum

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