Leroy Turner

Leroy turner

A gifted trumpeter with a drinking problem…


Wearing a old, worn, brown suit and smelling of stale whiskey, Leroy Turner is a sad sack of a man with a lip that can make a trumpet sing.


Leroy Turner is a top-notch trumpeter, but his drinking is ruining his reputation. He’s talented enough to get good gigs, but too unreliable to keep them. Mitch Wester is Leroy’s last chance. He’s given Leroy a gig with Mitch Wester’s 5-Stars. Mitch feels sorry for Leroy, who has been a different person ever since his girlfriend, Marnie Smeaton, was killed in a hit-and-run-accident.

While playing a gig in Harlem, Leroy says he was given a rare, four-valve trumpet by none other than Louis Armstrong. He brings the new trumpet with him to a gig at the Blue Heaven Ballroom.

While Turner performs the trumpet solo on a new song, Dead Man Stomp, mob accountant Pete Manusco is murdered in cold blood. Manusco does not stay dead long – Turner’s trumpet raises his corpse.

Turner’s trumpet also raises Freddie Fayette from the dead when Leroy plays at his New Orleans-style funeral.

Archie Bonato button-pusher, Joey Larson, kidnaps Turner when he realizes what the trumpeter is capable of. Leroy confronts the trumpet’s power while being held hostage at Bonato’s East Harlem warehouse, escapes from Roger Daniels and his g-men, and makes his way to Trinity Christian Cemetery to raise his lost love, Marnie Smeaton.

Turner is killed by Alistair Sinclair as he attempts to play the trumpet at Smeaton’s grave.


Leroy Turner

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