Ray Brannigan Obituary

Ray Brannigan

A third-generation Manhattan barber


Slight, well-dressed, and meticulous, Ray Brannigan was of mixed-European descent and of true New York stock.


Rayford Brannigan, Jr. was the owner of Ray’s Place Barbershop, located at the corner of Madison Avenue and 59th Street, just one block from Central Park. Known as “the best-dressed barber in Manhattan” by his patrons, Ray Brannigan was a short, fastidious man whose graying hair and prominent crow’s feet belied his somewhat youthful thirty-five years.

Visiting his mother on the evening of June 10, 1926, he became embroiled in events surrounding the death of Horace Baker, and proved integral in bringing down the Cult of the Green Flame and their malevolent leader, Father Washington.

Eager to come to terms with the things he saw in Red Hook, Ray tracked down his fellow investigators, Ivy Morgan and Jonas Markham, in Kingsport, Massachusetts, and assisted them in tracking down the killer of Julian St. Jerome. Later, he accompanied Ivy and Jonas to Arkham, where the three were hired to procure a rare statue for lumber magnate, Henry DuPont.

Unfortunately, Ray’s fragile psyche could not handle the burden of the things he’d witnessed, and slipped into dissociative amnesia – emerging hours later with the fictional identity of David Malgresh.

In the early hours of July 9, 1926, Ray and his fellow investigators ran afoul the Cult of Xnaaki at Steeplin Lake. Ray was decapitated while attempting to banish the Elder God to another dimension. His body was never recovered.


Ray Brannigan Obituary

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