Sister Evangeline

Sister Evangeline

Cloistered nun, living in the convent of St. Francis Catholic Church, in Kingsport, Massachusetts


Short and heavy, Sister Evangeline is nearly seventy-one years old, and has spent the last thirty years of her life in the small convent in Kingsport.


Sister Evangeline spends most of her time in prayer, tending her small garden, or feeding the birds that gather on the roof of the convent.

She very rarely ventures from the convent, and has little to no contact with the outside world. Her English is minimal, and she speaks mostly in Italian.

Still haunted by the loss of her true love, Vittorio Pescarra, Sister Evangeline unknowingly has created two alter-egos that torment the Dreamlands city of Baharna, The Hag and The Harlot.

Ivy Morgan and Jonas Markham are able to reunite Sister Evangeline and Vittorio Pescarra in the Dreamlands and save Baharna from the Hag and Harlot.

Reunited with her lost love in the Dreamlands, Sister Evangeline dies peacefully in her sleep in Kingsport.


Sister Evangeline

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