The Cult of the Green Flame

Led by their mysterious and malevolent leader, Father Washington, The Cult of the Green Flame has roughly twenty-five members, and operates out of the abandoned Tullio Warehouse in the Red Hook District of Brooklyn.

Cult members are distinguished by their fearlessness in the face of death, and their unceasing determination to keep the secrets of their cult by any means necessary – even by biting off their own tongues.

The Cult has operated in relative secrecy since the Red Hook Disaster of 1923. However, since the City of New York has hired the Hamilton Construction Company to renovate the long-ignored district, they have been forced in to action. Father Washington and his followers are responsible for the murders of David Clark, Horace Baker, and Andre Vollinchanski, and the kidnapping of Jerry Wells.

The Cult of the Green Flame is extinguished on June 14, 1926, when the Tullio Warehouse collapses during a sacrificial rite.


The Cult of the Green Flame

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