The Harlot

The harlot

A beautiful and deadly woman who has terrorized the city of Baharna for nearly thirty years


A voluptuous young woman with long legs and a curvaceous figure, the Harlot is a creature of unworldly beauty and sensuality. She is clothed in skimpy robes of lusty crimson and purple that accentuate her every curve.


The lovely Harlot periodically visits Baharna in search of fresh young men, descending from her home on Mount Ngranek on the back of a black ass and sailing across the Lake of Yath to reach the city.

Reducing her victims to a mindless semi-hypnotized state, the Harlot leads them back to her dark fortress, where she lustfully entertains them until she grows bored and turns them over to The Hag.

The Harlot is actually a sensual dream-form of Sister Evangeline. She is banished from the Dreamlands forever when Jonas Markham and Ivy Morgan reunite Sister Evangeline with her long-lost love, Vittorio Pescarra.


The Harlot

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