The Slaughtered Lamb

Slaughtered lamb large

A safe-haven at the center of an unhinged world, The Slaughtered Lamb is a small speakeasy in the Hell’s Kitchen District, run by Alec and Dora Long (Paul O’Leary & Dora O’Donnell). Both members of the Irish Republican Army, the Longs most likely divert a significant percentage of the profits to support their Sinn Fein brothers and sisters back in Ireland. There’s always a ready stock of Old Unhappy Dog under the counter, and most of the NPC Investigators who drink are regulars – some, like Truth Justice, are more regular than others.

Entry to the lamb is by invitation only. If you can find the door (nestled in a secluded alley on West 39th Street) and recite the password (Come forth, Lazarus! And he came fifth and lost the job.), you’ll encounter a group of kindred spirits who can sympathize with your plight and, from time to time, assist you in your fight.


The Slaughtered Lamb

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