Bernice Monroe

A nurse at Congressional Hospital in Kingsport, Massachusetts


Plain-looking and plain-spoken, Bernie Monroe is an old-fashioned woman with old-fashioned values.


The first time I saw Ivy Morgan, she was traipsing around the burn ward at Congressional Hospital, visiting that priest with the third-degree burns. She looked like a movie star and had half the Kingsport Police Department following her like ducklings. We nurses spent most of our lunch break talking about her fur and her car. Later that same day my friend Nurse Tarvis was carried away by a tornado. I heard that the Morgan woman and her friends were nearby at the time, but they escaped.

The second time I saw Ivy Morgan was when I went to identify Luther and Uncle Ben in the morgue. I didn’t recognize her, of course, or Luther, but there wasn’t any doubt who the bodies were.

The police say Luther and Uncle Ben must have happened upon the truck where “Tin-Mask Tommy” Parkhill and his accomplices murdered the first victims. Uncle Ben would have been suspicious of strangers, but Luther would always stop to help people. He wouldn’t have known it was a criminal gang. Officer Lord said that Parkhill turned on his boss and Morgan and killed them as well. He’s obviously mad – Parkhill, I mean – and he probably would have become violent sooner or later. Luther and Uncle Ben were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I met the woman’s grandfather, Dr. Lewis Morgan, when he came to the hospital. He seemed like such a pleasant old gentleman, it’s strange to think of him having a criminal tramp in the family. I’ve always heard that big cities can ruin even girls from the nicest families, and I suppose that’s what happened to Miss Morgan.

Still, something about the whole thing doesn’t make sense. Uncle Ben looked like he’d been mauled by an animal. Officer Lord told me Parkhill keeps saying that he burned down the barn to make sure all the “monsters” were dead. I went to the farm where Luther and Uncle Ben were found, and there were strange footprints all around, like an animal with big claws had been walking there.

I think the police don’t know what really happened to Luther and Uncle Ben. I think there’s some creature loose in the woods there, maybe an escaped circus animal, as strange as that seems. Who knows what Parkhill and his gang were up to. Whatever is there, it’s near the farm, and Ma and all the kids, and the police won’t look for it if they don’t think it’s there. I’m going to use my holiday to go to the city and talk to Dr Morgan and see if he knows what Morgan and Parkhill’s boss were doing. Maybe then I can prove there’s something dangerous that has to be hunted down.

Bernice Monroe

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