Frederick Ainsworth

A Private Investigator


Fred Ainsworth’s scarred face and crooked nose are a testament to the rough company he keeps in his line of work.


Frederick Ainsworth was born & raised in New York City. A once promising career as a beat cop came crashing down after both of his parents died in the influenza pandemic of 1918. Manic depression (self-medicated with alcohol) and wild mood swings (that resulted in the death of murder suspect he was interrogating), found Freddie off the force and taking private detective jobs to make ends meet.

Moral flexibility, a propensity for violence, and numerous contacts within the NYPD, have proven useful to Frederick, and he has been able to thrive as a private investigator. Outside of liquor and an occasional evening with an agreeable street-walker, Frederick Ainsworth is most satisfied when he can complete a job.

Along with the infamous Truth Justice, Fred Ainsworth has garnered a reputation as one of New York’s most effective private investigators. His office/apartment is located in Sugar Hill, at 140th and Edgecombe Ave.

Frederick Ainsworth

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