The Journal of Ivy Morgan

A chronicle of the adventures of the late Ivy Morgan


This small leather-bound volume is marked with the name of a fine Manhattan stationer. The entries are dated from June to September 1926.

The bulk of the text contains analytical notes on Father Washington’s Bible – these are cross-referenced to Bible page numbers and notes inserted in the Bible volume. The notes on reading the tome are interspersed with detailed accounts of encounters with young men that seem to involve ether and a bathtub full of ice. There are also descriptions of visits to an unnamed psychiatrist and to a speakeasy referred to as “the Lamb”, and mentions of “Pearson”, “Jonas”, “Detective O’Shea”, “Professor Sinclair”, and “ Mr. Brannigan”.

The following lines are written on the inside cover:

There’s no substitute for sense;
To seize and clutch and penetrate,
Expert beyond experience.


Ivy Morgan apparently kept this journal as an account of her adventures in New York City, Kingsport, and Arkham.

The final entry, dated September 27, 1926, reads:

Pearson telephoned me with a news about a job for Mars Bickle at Miskatonic. I’m to meet him at Columbia tomorrow, and a psychical researcher chap he’s dug up from somewhere. It will be interesting to see what a professional hoax-debunker thinks of the type of hoax Bickle deals in. Pearson says he has “the latest technology”. I wonder if he’ll be any more use than a potato farmer with a shotgun.

I’ve cancelled Wednesday’s appointment with Dr. Dreary, who of course complains that I shouldn’t go back to Arkham, that it will disturb me. He thinks I should stay home and that peace and quiet are what I need. I told him where better for peace and quiet than the country, and anyway, I’ve been cured, haven’t I? He didn’t have anything to say to that. I think I’ll phone Officer Lord and see if he’s free for dinner; the good doctor is always bothering me to pursue a “heteronormative relationship”, he’ll approve of that. I’ll wear my new hat.

The Journal of Ivy Morgan

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