Unaussprechlichen Kulten

by Friedrich Wilhelm Von Junzt, Published in 1837


“I have traveled the world in search of the darkness – a journey that ended within myself.” Friedrich Wilhelm Von Junzt

The author of this book spent many years touring the world, studying various cults and secret societies. He gained personal admission to many of these groups, often requiring him to suffer terrible initiation rites. Much of the material relates to relatively mundane societies such as the Assassins, Thuggees, and the Leopard Societies, but he also deals at some length with a set of cults that revere strange deities and engage in bloody rituals, and with sorcerers and their magics.


The following information was provided by Professor Rudolph Pearson:

Unaussprechlichen Kulten is believed to be written by Friedrich Wilhelm Von Junzt. The German first edition of the text appeared in Dusseldorf in 1839. The English first edition, incorrectly translated as Nameless Cults (in actuality, it would translate to Unspeakable/Unutterable/Inexpressible/Unpronounceable Cults), was published in London in 1849 – however, due to the poor translation, the English first edition contains hundreds of misprints and omissions. A slightly better translation was published by Golden Goblin Press of New York in 1909.

But the definitive version resides at Miskatonic University. Not only has the library obtained a first edition that has been painstakingly translated in to English, it also contains additional text and annotations concerning North American, South American, and African cults.

The book has an evil reputation. Many that have attempted to study it have gone mad. It’s rumored that the author, Friedrich Wilhelm Von Junzt, was found strangled in a locked and bolted chamber shortly after the book’s publication.

Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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