Allen Nash

Allen Nash
Allen Nash

Crazed dreamer


Allen Nash is a tall, lanky man in his early thirties.


Allen Nash inherited the Kingsport home, located on Church Street in the Central Hill neighborhood, from his eccentric, reclusive uncle. Surprised by its dilapidated state, Allen became determined to renovate the home as a weekend project.

Nash took a six-month sabbatical from his job at Harvard University to rehab the home, but quickly lost interest when he found his uncle’s Dream Journal and Dream Crystal.

Driven insane by the horrors he encountered in The Dreamlands, Allen bludgeons Julian St. Jerome to death when he stops by to ask questions concerning strange occurrences in the Central Hill neighborhood.

Ivy Morgan, Jonas Markham, and Ray Brannigan encounter Nash while he is in bed, sleeping. He awakens suddenly and attempts to attack the investigators, but is gunned down by “Shotgun” Ray Brannigan.

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Allen Nash

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