Wayne Colburne Obituary

Sheriff Wayne Coleburne
Wayne coleburne

Steeplin County Sheriff and High Priest of the Cult of Xnaaki


Sheriff Coleburne was a large man; big enough to stand out in a crowd, with a strong, physically fit appearance. He wore tidy clothes, complimented with a heavy leather jacket.


Sheriff Wayne Colburne was on hand at an auction at the University Exhibit Museum on Wednesday, June 23, 1926. His attempts to procure a statue containing a powerful mythos artifact are thwarted by Ivy Morgan, Jonas Markham, and Rayford Brannigan Jr., who have been hired by Henry DuPont to obtain the statue for him.

Obsessed with possessing the statue (and the Stone of Xnalku hidden inside), Colburne sends his agents to kill DuPont, and has his Deputy, Carl Grietski, follow and torment Ivy, Jonas, and Ray.

The sheriff, along with his deputy and several followers, are gunned down on the shores of Steeplin Lake by “Shotgun” Jonas Markham in the early hours of July 9, 1926.

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Wayne Colburne Obituary

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