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The most merciful thing in the world…is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

-H.P. Lovecraft

To truly understand all that has happened, you must first understand that mankind is not the dominate species on the planet. In Earth’s ancient past, alien civilizations roamed the landscape – their breadth and scope unimaginable to mankind’s paltry intellect. Although they have laid dormant for millennia, the time will come when they will awaken to rule the planet again.

Evidence of their reign exists for unfortunate souls to encounter and, in some cases, study. The worst of these people seek out this evidence in hopes of unlocking the secret to raising the Elder Gods from their slumber. The best of these people use whatever means at their disposal to shield an unsuspecting world from horrors they cannot fathom.

On June 5, 1926, Alistair Sinclair, Connor O’Shea, Ivy Morgan, and Jonas Markham became unwitting participants in this struggle when they witnessed the murder and subsequent reanimation of mob accountant, Pete Manusco, at the Blue Heaven Ballroom. Drawn into a game of cat and mouse with an alcoholic trumpeter, a mindless thug, a mob-boss, and a power-hungry treasury agent, this group of would-be investigators managed to avert catastrophe and destroy a powerful mythos item.

Matters become further complicated when the investigators are confronted by the notion that other people in the Big Apple are actively fighting the same struggle. Many of these people frequent The Slaughtered Lamb, a Hell’s Kitchen speakeasy owned by Alec and Dora Long. Ivy and Jonas are drawn there by an invitation found in Ivy’s front door, and quickly find out that there are strange things afoot in New York City.

The connections the two investigators made at the Lamb that evening lead them to Columbia University, where Jonas was hoping to find answers. He found a strange idol on his Maine potato farm, and Professor Rudolph Pearson was supposed to be able to shed some light on the subject. Instead, the investigators ran into Alistair Sinclair and found themselves searching for Effram Harris, a missing physics professor. Their search led them to the Gashouse District, a seedy lower-east side neighborhood, where they found Harris and the teleportation machine he was constructing. A portal was open to an alien world – Harris disappeared into it, while the investigators warded off a hostile alien entity and safely closed it.

Meanwhile, Connor O’Shea was spending the night at his brother’s house in Brooklyn, when he was awoken by screams coming from the house next door. Also awoken by the screams was Ray Brannigan, Jr., a Manhattan barber, visiting his mother. The two men ran outside, forced their way in to the house, and found the emaciated and mummified corpse of Horace Baker, a project manager for the Hamilton Construction Company. Enlisting the help of Ivy Morgan, Jonas Markham, and Alistair Sinclair, Connor and Ray follow the clues to the lawless Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, where they uncover a plot to derail an urban gentrification project, encounter a mysterious cult leader, and behold the summoning of an Outer God. In the end, the investigators barely escape with their lives, and part company for what they believe will be the last time.

Unfortunately, the group seems fated to their association, even during the hours of sleep. Ivy, Jonas, Connor, and Alistair find themselves reunited in The Dreamlands, where they have been called to rid the city of Baharna of the notorious villain known as the Harlot. The real world and the world of dreams converge as Ivy and Jonas find clues in both Baharna and Kingsport, Massachusetts during their waking and sleeping hours. In the end, the key to ridding Baharna of the Harlot laid in bringing peace to Sister Evangeline, a Kingsport nun whose long-lost love tormented her dreams.

As Ivy and Jonas searched for clues in Kingsport, Ray Brannigan searched for them. In New York, he retraced their steps, meeting with Alec Long at The Slaughtered Lamb and Alistair Sinclair at the Hotel Belleclaire. Rudolph Pearson provided the best guess at Ivy and Jonas’ whereabouts, and Ray followed the clues to Kingsport. The three were reunited when they met at the scene of a devastating fire at St. Francis Catholic Church. Trouble soon followed when events in The Dreamlands converged again upon Kingsport – this time, other-worldly creatures (Cloudbeasts, Leng Spiders, etc.) were manifesting in the streets, while a crazy librarian ventured throughout The Dreamlands with an ancient, mythos artifact. Fortunately, the investigators and the Kingsport police were able to stop the dreamer before he could unleash anything devastating upon the town.

Soon after, Jonas, Ivy, and Ray visited the Orne Library at Miskatonic University, where Dr. Henry Armitage was able to provide Jonas with answers concerning the strange idol he found on his farm. But before they could return back to New York, a mysterious Englishman stopped the investigators in the library and made a job proposal. The next day, they met with Henry DuPont, and agreed to procure a statue for him from an auction taking place at the University. The acquisition and delivery of the statue was not smooth, as the investigators were followed by the agents of a sinister cult who were hell-bent on awakening the Outer God, Xnaaki. The investigators were able to interrupt the summoning ritual and thwart the cult’s plan, but Ray Brannigan was killed in the attempt.

Jonas Markham returned to Maine, and Ivy returned to New York. Over the next two months, she immersed herself in the study of mythos tomes and learned the powerful spells found within. At the end of September, Rudolph Pearson contacted Ivy with a business proposition. Ivy met Professor Pearson at Columbia University, and was introduced to parapsychologist, Cuthbert Sorensen and his assistant, Thomas Parkhill. The three accepted a research job from Miskatonic University. Unfortunately, they were diverted by a severe thunderstorm, and found themselves stranded in the outskirts of Arkham. There, Ivy and Cuthbert sacrificed their lives to ensure that alien entities did not bring about the end of the world.

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