Site Update Archive

This following is an archive of updates made to the site, beginning in June 2010.

2/20/13 Created the Adventure Log, The Truth About Ivy, Part I

2/17/13 Created the NPC, Lewis Morgan

2/13/13 Created the Adventure Log, Death is a Flapper

2/11/13 Completed Custom CSS/Campaign Theming

6/17/12 Created the new Cthulhu Supremus Est intro video

6/4/12 Created the Adventure Log Post Visual News of All the World

5/28/12 Created the wiki page Campaign-Inspired Art

5/27/12 Removed campaign-inspired art from the Main Page and added How Did We Get Here? The Show So Far…

5/26/12 Created the Adventure Log Wednesday September 29, 1926

5/25/12 Created the wiki pages Benjamin Monroe Obituary, Cuthbert Sorensen Obituary, Ivy Morgan Obituary, and Luther Monroe Obituary

4/4/12 Created the wiki page Investigations

Cthulhu Supremus Est hits the century mark! Obsidian Portal’s most popular Call of Cthulhu campaign just notched it’s 100th fan! Thanks to everyone that follows the adventures of The Elmhurst Geeks – it’s humbling to know that our exploits have captured your attention!

Out with the old – in with the new! Ray Brannigan’s untimely death and Jonas Markham’s retirement pave the way for two new investigators. Find out more details about parapsychologist, Cuthbert Sorensen, and wandering repairman, Thomas Parkhill.

2/9/12 Created the Adventure Log Friday July 9, 1926

2/3/12 Created the Adventure Log In Search of Xnaaki

1/25/12 Created the Adventure Log Saturday June 26, 1926

1/24/12 Redesigned sidebar on Home Page

1/23/12 Created the Adventure Log Friday June 25, 1926

1/13/12 Created the Adventure Log Thursday June 24, 1926

1/6/12 Created the Items DuPont Diary, Father Washington’s Bible, Stone of Xnalku, and Xnaaki Manuscript.

11/9/11: Redesigned home page to fit embedded intro.

10/6/11: Added the Elmhurst Geeks Seal of Approval section to the Home Page

8/11/11 Created the Adventure Log Wednesday June 23, 1926

8/4/11 Created the items Daimler Double Six and Packard Model 18

8/3/11 Created the Adventure Log Tuesday June 22, 1926

8/2/11 Created the Wiki Pages Kingsport Village Store, Mama E’s Restaurant, Moreno’s, The Rope & Anchor Tavern, and The Sea’s Harvest

8/1/11 Created the NPCs Henry DuPont and Miles Booth

7/29/11 Created the Adventure Log Monday June 21, 1926

7/25/11 Created the NPC Tristram “Tris” Crane and the Wiki Pages Arkham, Orne Library, and University Exhibit Museum

7/23/11 Created the Adventure Log Sunday June 20, 1926

7/11/11 Created the Adventure Log Saturday June 19, 1926

6/9/11 Created the Adventure Log Friday June 18, 1926

6/3/11 Added June 17, 1926, June 18, 1926, June 19, 1926, and June 20, 1926 to the Handouts page

6/2/11 Created the wiki pages Allen Nash and Julian St Jerome

6/2/11 Created the Adventure Log The Brannigan Chronicles, Part IV

6/1/11 Created the items Nash Family Dream Journal and Dream Crystal

6/1/11 Created the NPC Allen Nash

6/1/11 Created the Adventure Log The Brannigan Chronicles, Part III

5/2/11 Created the item Unaussprechlichen Kulten

5/1/11 Created the NPCs Aaron Hart, Henry Armitage, Julian St Jerome, Officer Otis White, Officer Stephen Lord, and Stanley Carter

5/1/11 Created the wiki pages Central Hill Cemetery, Congressional Hospital, Kingsport Historical Society Museum, and Mother Gamble’s Boarding House.

12/16/10: Cthulhu Supremus Est is in the running for Campaign of the Year. Cast your vote here.

12/1/10: Cthulhu Supremus Est is still the Featured Campaign on Obsidian Portal for the month of November, 2010. Read more. Not sure why, but I’m not going to argue.

11/1/10: Cthulhu Supremus Est is the Featured Campaign on Obsidian Portal for the month of November, 2010. Read more.

10/21/10: Redesigned sidebars.

10/20/10: Redesigned campaign banner.

10/16/10: Created the Cthulhu Supremus Est Introduction Video.

10/13/10: Created the wiki page The Shoremist Inn.

10/12/12: Created the wiki pages Zais and The Sky Pirate.

10/8/10: Created the Handouts, Jonas Markham Letter of Introduction, Vittorio Letter – Italian, Vittorio Letter – English, and Vittorio & Evangeline.

10/7/10: Created the wiki page, Kingsport.

9/2/10: Created the wiki pages In Memoriam, Effram Harris, Father Washington, Joey Larson, Leroy Turner, Pete Manusco, and Tulzscha.

8/31/2010: Created the wiki pages Baharna, Isle of Oriab, Mount Ngranek, and The Dreamlands. Introduced the NPCs Captain Hanna, Captain Holt, The Hag, and The Harlot.

8/11/2010: Alistair Sinclair has retired.

8/3/2010: Created the wiki page Mythos Points and You.

8/2/2010: Created the wiki page The Cult of the Green Flame, added the NPCs Father Washington and Tulzscha, and created Adventure Logs for June 13, 1926 and June 14, 1926.

7/1/2010: Created the wiki pages Concerning Cults and Site Update Archive.

6/30/2010: Created the wiki pages 1920s Forensics and Running Afoul the Law.

6/28/2010: Added new NPCs and created a new Adventure Log in conjunction with our 6/27/2010 gaming session.

6/24/2010: More Home Page revisions, including a link to the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft. Created images for the New York Evening Graphic and New York Herald Tribune.

6/19/2010: Created Wiki page for Ray’s Place Barbershop. Added links to Chaosium, H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, and Yog-Sothoth to the Home Page side-bar.

6/18/2010: With a little help from ChainsawXIV’s template page and a few hours of spare time, I was able to develop a newspaper template for my Adventure Log page.

6/16/2010: redesigned wiki page with sidebar and character-specific images.

6/11/2010: I created a new banner for the campaign. With the help of gnunn’s Sidebar How-To, I was able to create a sidebar for the home page. Investigator back-stories were added to provide insight in to how the investigators got to the Blue Heaven Ballroom. An Acknowledgments page was created to give credit to the people, tools, and sites that have aided in the creation of this site.

Site Update Archive

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